The governance layer for the decentralized web


Why Polaris


A governance Crisis

Governance is critical to every crypto project, but no one knows what kinds of decentralized governance work. This leads to massive loss of value from infighting, dangerous bugs, and costly forks.

Value Through Collaboration

Tangible value can be created by decentralized communities when protocols work together, but there is no place for this type of coordination to happen today.

A Secure Solution

Polaris provides a secure sandbox for any number of decentralized organizations to come together and cooperate for positive change.


How Polaris Works

Polaris gives communities the tools they need for efficient governance.

Any blockchain or dApp can connect to Polaris where they can use our governance tools to navigate their own challenges while staying true to their commitment to decentralized organization.

The first tool on Polaris is futarchy governance, where prediction markets are used to drive governance outcomes. Members of the organization are held accountable by a metric that determines how well that organization is doing.



Polaris is a platform-agnostic governance hub that can connect and work with all blockchain projects (from smart contract platforms to the dApps on top of them).


Inspired by Robin Hanson: “vote on values, but bet on beliefs." Harnessing the power of prediction markets, futarchy will be one of many governance mechanisms supported by Polaris. It financially rewards benevolent actors, and deters bad ones.

Governance Liquidity

Governance expertise is no longer siloed. Insights and resources can now be shared between blockchain projects. Let’s grow the pie together.


Protected by a global network of proof-of-stake validators, Polaris provides strong security for every user's governance.


Meet the Team

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Aditya Kashyap

Co-founder and CEO

Aditya worked on Product at Zynga, Facebook, Flickr, and Jana. He was a co-founder of Redux (acquired by Crunchyroll). He became fascinated with blockchain tech in 2012 with Bitcoin. Combined with his childhood passions for prediction markets and history, this led to an obsession with on-chain governance. He graduated with Bachelors and Masters degrees in Computer Science from UC Berkeley.

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Alex Stokes

Co-founder and CTO

Alex was co-founder and CTO of venture-backed Piper, a startup that builds educational computers for kids, and afterwards, as the first engineering hire at Khosla Ventures-backed Go, a startup using AI to generate safer driving routes for your daily commute. He has been following the crypto space since 2011 where he has seen time and again the demand for better governance. He graduated in Chemistry with a focus on Computational Science from Princeton.